We would like to thank Mr Tan for buying us the materials and going to Sim Lim Tower with us to make sure we got the materials.
We would also like to thank our classmates for supporting us and encouraging us throughout the process of the whole project and the laboratory staff for knowing exactly what we are looking for then providing us with the necessary materials quickly. We would like to thank Mr Teng for guiding and supporting us through our project, keeping us on task and making sure we were alright. We would also like thank the authors who helped us broaden our knowledge of standing around waves with the information that they provided us through the websites, journals and books that we viewed. Also, we would like to thank our school, School of Science and Technology, for giving us this opportunity for us to carry out this project and provide us with all the necessary funding. We are really grateful to the people that helped us during the process of our project and once again would like to thank Mr Teng who helped us through this tough yet meaningful and exciting journey.

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